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Posted at 15 September 2016 by Bogdan Gioara in category Articles

Scenario 2030 - prospective workshop

How does the world we wish to live in look like? Did we develop the necessary intellectual tools to project the future and represent it in a coherent and likely way? What is sure is that we are not alone... So can we imagine a desirable future considering our shared values and wishing it will become our «common world» 

Take a look at the questions asked by the representatives of IRTESS Bourgogne, IRTS Franche-Comté, APEMH and Tricentenaire Luxembourg in a prospective workshop - «The World in 2030», organized by REPER21 in Bucharest for 2 days.

What you will see, is, of course, an exercise. One that offered us the opportunity to develop our prospective, systemic, critical and ethical thinking, as well as to strengthen our exchanges and partnership. To be used as a strategic tool, the collaborative construction of scenarios needs a longer period of time.

After the workshop, we created videos to show the results of our collaborative work. Take a look! (disclaimer: both videos are in French)


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